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When should you plant seeds and seedlings outside?

Mother Nature is a bit tricky these days.

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BHG publishes its “Best Perennials for your Yard” list

BHG lists their “Best Perennials for your Yard”

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How to fix a soggy compost pile

Just when you’re looking forward to using your over-wintered compost for spring planting, it can be a soggy dense mess, and difficult to spread evenly in garden beds. Here are a few simple measures to help restore your compost in time for spring garden use.

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Choosing the right tree for the urban yard, by John Eskandari

You can download a PDF of John’s presentation here.

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Mark your calendars for Friday, May 7!

New Community Garden Set For Old Irving Park — Help with the planting!

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Worms Around Town: Spring Events

As the temperature begins to warm and the ground begins to thaw, earthworms make their way to higher ground, their castings appear, and we herald the return of the robins.

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