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Build a Rustic Tuteur*

This tuteur, a variation on the classic version, is the same. Supplies are minimal and inexpensive. The biggest investment of your time will be finding the sticks and waiting for the glue to dry.

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Parkway pizazz

Most area parkways sprout grass and trees, but a growing number of curbside plots are blooming with flowers, shrubs and grasses. Homeowners, condo dwellers, apartment managers and even renters are joining the colorful movement.

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Lavender’s allure begins with its aroma.

Here’s her recipe for lavender hand cream, which uses products you can find at a natural foods store or health food store:

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Tripp Avenue Neighbors Garden

If you haven’t be by the Tripp Ave Garden in a while, there is a lot of beauty going on there! Feel free to pick a few weeds when you visit.

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Choosing the right Hydrangeas for your garden.

Find out which hydrangeas are the best bets for your yard

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The birth of a Hummingbird

Here are two sites of baby hummingbirds hatching from tiny eggs.

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Sharon and Nathan Baker-Johnson, 06.10

3763 N Kostner

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