Amazing Alliums!

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Amazing Allium from John Scheepers

Pictured here: Allium Globemaster, aflatunense, aflatunense Purple Sensation and a companion planting of atropurpureum and multibulbosum (which may also be purchased together in our Awesome Allium Special).

There is nothing more magical than the sight of colossal Allium emerging from the earth, puffing themselves up into planetoid spheres that hover over lower-growing perennials in the garden. Their unique presence creates a special atmosphere that is both serene and dramatic. Often planted among Ferns, Hemerocalis or Hostas to camouflage its low-growing foliage, Allium masterfully transform normal backyards into mystical sanctuaries. Their mere presence offers an amazing natural architecture unsurpassed by any other variety. These outstanding perennials are rodent-resistant, deer-resistant and make good cut and dried flowers. They have an incredibly long presence in the garden~the stalks emerge and a spidery outline of the globe develops as hundreds of star-shaped florets burst into bloom with delicate filament-like stamen. As the composite flowers die back, the form of the globe remains, like a garden sentry. What else could you ever ask of a bulb?

The really large globe-shaped wonders have a range of 6” to 10” globes in varying heights~these include Allium albopilosum, Ambassador, Firmament, Gladiator, Globemaster, Pinball Wizard, Mount Everest and White Giant. The medium- to smaller-sized, globe-shaped varieties with composite flowers measuring in circumference from 1 ½” to 5” include Allium aflatunense, aflatunense Purple Sensation, atropurpureum, azureum, karativiense, karativiense Ivory Queen, multibulbosum and rosenbachianum. (For those of you involved in garden restorations, Allium aflatunense, albopilosum, atropurpureum, azureum, karativiense, karativiense Ivory Queen, and multibulbosum are all heirloom varieties, some dating back to as long ago as 1762!)

Yet there is a multitude of other Allium available in diverse forms and sizes, like Allium schubertii that has spidery, 12” flowers, or Allium bulgaricum that gracefully grows to three feet tall with delicate clusters of pendant ivory flowers flushed purple that magically elevate themselves into a magnificent, outward-facing flower. And one must not forget crazy Allium Hair that appears much like an alien life form with green, tentacle-like flowers and our new variety, Allium Forelock that looks quite like Tom Hank’s buddy Wilson in Castaway: it has 2” to 3” globe-shaped flowers with unruly tufts of white-tipped, mahogany-red flowers exploding out of the top of its head. Or Allium flavum and pulchellum that bring bursts of golden-yellow and reddish-violet fireworks to the garden. We could go on and on, but it is best if you see all of our Allium for yourself.

We just started shipping to colder areas of the U.S. first. Reserve your Allium now, while we still have our complete collection available. We don’t charge credit cards until we ship your order out, so there is no cost associated with reserving your bulbs now. Call us if you have any questions or need help with your selections: we are here to help you 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM Monday through Friday and on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Take a peek at our ever-changing Website Specials which are about 7% off our already low catalog prices. If you love Allium like we do, you must try our Hovering Purple Balloons Allium Special #6600, Awesome Allium Special #6608 or Late Spring Perennial Special #6617. If you succumb to Allium’s charms in a big way and need large quantities, please visit our sister company, Van Engelen.

-For John Scheepers, 88-page, Beauty from Bulbs color catalog, click: Request catalog.

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Or, call us at (860) 567-0838!

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