What’s the secret to attracting birds to your backyard this autumn?

October 19, 2010 at 7:54 AM Leave a comment

[From a National Wildlife Federation Email]

What’s the secret to attracting birds to your backyard
this autumn?

ChickadeeIt’s easy — turn it into a National Wildlife Federation Advanced “Bird-Friendly” Certified Wildlife Habitat™ site!

Fall is a great time for bird-
watching. Many birds are
looking for an inviting place
to stop over during their winter
migration or even stay for
the season.

Here are five helpful tips that are sure to have all
the neighborhood birds “tweeting” about your yard
this season:

  1. Provide running water. Birds require water year-
    round. The sound of running water in a birdbath or
    pond will be heard by birds from some distance,
    and will draw them in for a drink, and possibly a
    quick dip as well.
  2. Clean out birdhouses. Make necessary repairs to
    birdhouses in preparation for species that roost
    during fall and winter. In many areas, bluebirds,
    chickadees, nuthatches and winter wrens may take
    up nightly residence in birdhouses to keep warm
    and safe.
  3. Create brush piles. Save your fall clippings of branches and twigs. Then, pile them in a corner of the yard to create cover for birds that prefer habitat on the ground—such as dark-eyed juncos, tree sparrows and white-throated sparrows.
  4. Increase the number of feeders. In the cooler days of fall, birds increase their food consumption and will continue to do so as the temperature drops.
  5. Plant evergreens. Planted near feeders and
    birdbaths, evergreens are perfect for providing
    cover for birds after deciduous trees lose
    their leaves.

Garden flag When you certify your yard by providing birds with the food, water and shelter they need, they’ll thank you by frequenting your yard year-round. Plus, we’ll also thank you with tons of great benefits, including our delightful seasonal garden flag! (see sidebar to right)

Don’t miss out on seeing some of the most beautiful birds of the year — turn your yard into an Advanced “Bird-Friendly” Certified Wildlife Habitat™ site today!

David MizejewskiSincerely,
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David Mizejewski
NWF Naturalist, Media
Spokesperson, Author

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