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How to Transform Holiday Tins – CraftStylish <– reuse your old wrapping paper and old tins

Tins are always great for storage. You can decoupage them with colorful paper to match your craft room or even with pictures of whatever you plan to store inside.

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How To Make Evergreen Sachets from the Garden

If you are always looking for ways to bring your garden inside, but you are short of time around the holidays, try making evergreen sachets

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“A Gardener’s Christmas Lament”

“Twas the thought of the Season and all it entails…
Will I ever be ready? Just look at my nails…

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DIY Heated Bird Bath

Even in the winter, backyard birds need water. You can supply it with this easy-to-make heated water hole.

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Have you ever wondered where vanilla comes from?

Every home cook (even those who fear baking) has a little brown bottle in their spice cabinet labeled “Vanilla Extract.” But how many of us have really paid attention to it? What is in the bottle? Who makes it? Where does it come from? If you are lucky, or you happen to be a vanilla connoisseur, it is likely that your vanilla comes from right here in Chicagoland.

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