DIY Heated Bird Bath

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[From Birds & Blooms online]

Hold the Ice, Please

Even in the winter, backyard birds need water. You can supply it with this easy-to-make heated water hole.

North Dakota winters are long and cold,” says Erlys Haerter, of Williston. “I thought if we could provide some water for the birds, it would make their life a bit easier.

“So my father came up with a great idea for a heated water hole,” Erlys continues. “He gave the directions to my husband, Paul, who built it.”

We gave this project a try in our own workshop and placed it out on a deck in the dead of winter. It worked surprisingly well, and took a very low-wattage standard light bulb to keep the water from freezing.

We recommend using the lowest wattage bulb possible that keeps the water ice-free. The birds will be happy, and so will you since it will have little impact on your electric bill.

Here’s What You’ll Need…

  • One 2-foot x 4-foot plywood board, 1/2 inch thick
  • One piece of 5-foot 1-inch x 14-1/2-inch foam insulation
  • Round metal cake pan, 8-1/2-inch diameter
  • Waterproof outdoor spotlight fixture
  • One 15- to 40-watt standard light bulb
  • 1-1/4-inch finishing nails
  • 5/8-inch sheet-metal screws
  • Waterproof construction adhesive
  • Waterproof carpenter’s glue
  • Four chair skids
  • Properly installed GFI outlet

Recommended Tools…

  • Table saw
  • Compass
  • Saber saw
  • Rat-tail file
  • Utility knife

Download the instructions here.


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