A Raised Bed in 20 Seconds or Less?

May 18, 2011 at 8:00 AM Leave a comment

<I found this on http://www.Garden Rant.com this morning>

A Raised Bed in Twenty Seconds or Less

I am not a builder of raised beds.  Pile up some compost and plant straight into it, that’s what I like.  I think straw bales make a perfectly fine raised bed (and leave you with some nice compost at the end of the season for mulch).  When Fine Gardening was in town a couple of years ago, they made a video about my little straw bale garden, which you can watch here if you’re not clear on the concept.

But I’m shifting some things around in my garden, and there’s a spot by my kitchen door where I thought a raised bed would be nice for growing a few salad greens and herbs.  The garbage cans get dragged past this little area, and we tend to use it as a staging area for any kind of messy home improvement project we might be in the middle of.  So putting some structure around this bed seemed like a better idea than just making a mound and planting into it.

So the people at EarthEasy asked me if they could send me a raised bed to try out, and I said sure, bring it on.  It was time to get going on that little salad garden anyway.  They sent two–one for me and one for Genevieve Schmidt–and we assembled them in my garden…

Read the entire post and watch the video here:  http://www.gardenrant.com/my_weblog/


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