Hosta First Aid

July 20, 2011 at 10:05 AM Leave a comment

Hosta first aid for heat exhaustion from Lou Horton, a hosta lover who has private sales from his 250 variety hosta collection.

Morning all,
With the worst heat wave in some time just starting, I thought a few words about what you can do and what to  expect might be helpful. Hostas have, for the most part, large leaf surfaces which will give up water in extreme heat. I expect that in the next few days, the plants will not be able to take up enough water during the heat of the day to prevent some dehydration. a natural defense in such situations is some crisping of some leaves- the cells in parts of some leaves will die and the leaf will turn brown- at least some parts will. Not to worry, it will not kill the plants as long as they get enough water to keep the plant itself going.
What you can do
First, mulch the plants with at least1 inch of organic mulch. It will help it to retain water when it gets it. Second, give the plants (especially those planted this year) a good drink in either early morning or evening when the sun is not on them. Every other day until the heat breaks should help a lot. Then, go back to deep watering once/ twice per week.
If possible, water the base of the plants, not on the leaves to deter fungal disease.
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