City of Chicago offers rebates for planting trees, native plants, rain barrels and compost

August 19, 2011 at 10:06 AM Leave a comment

Did you know that the city is offering rebates for planting trees, native plants, rain barrels and compost bins?

Sites for information about Illinois Natives:

2011 Sustainable Backyard Rebates

Rebate forms are available to Chicago residents for up to 50% off their next local purchase of:

TREES (up to $100 back)

NATIVE PLANTS (up to $60 back)

COMPOST BINS (up to $50 back)

RAIN BARRELS (up to $40 back)

Rebate amounts were allocated based on the value of the ecosystem services provided by each product. Ecosystem services are the additional benefits of healthy ecosystems, including stormwater management, improved air quality, and improved human health.

Trees can provide many benefits to our quality of life; for each tree we plant we receive ecosystems services valued at roughly $1,200 over the life of that tree. All of these environmentally-friendly products are worth the investment!

Residents will not need to participate in a Sustainable Backyard Workshop to receive a rebate form, but are encouraged to attend a workshop to learn more about how to install, plant, and maintain these green infrastructure best management practices.

PLEASE NOTE: The City of Chicago will no longer sell subsidized rain barrels or compost bins.

Download your rebate form here:

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