The Value of a Tree

August 25, 2011 at 10:06 AM Leave a comment

There’s nothing like a wonderful shade tree to give your yard appeal. First of all, of course, they provide shade! A cool respite from the heat of summer is more than just relief from the sun. Shade trees will reduce the temperature. Have you ever noticed how much cooler the woods are than an open field? Each shade tree you plant will bring a bit of this benefit to your yard.


Shade trees also offer food and shelter for birds and beneficial insects.

Underground, their roots help keep soil from becoming too compacted. The green in their leaves tells you that they process carbon dioxide and provide oxygen back to the air we breathe. They also add value to your property, especially if they are mature. Who could not like a shade tree?



When selecting a shade tree, you’ll want to think about how it grows and what you like. Shade trees have all kinds of growth patterns. They can be oval, spreading, open, or irregular. Shape and leaf type also determines how deep will be the shad they provide. Do you want deep shade or light, dappled shade – or something in between? All these are considerations for selecting your shade tree.


Then you’ll need to know where you will put it! How much room do you have, and how much do you want your tree to take up? Do you have other trees in your yard, and if so, will this tree be growing under bigger trees? Some trees, called understory trees, are well suited for this type of location and others are not. Also consider physical barriers like utility wires. They may look to be way higher than your tree, but you need to consider how tall your tree will grow.



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