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Some really great *before* and *after* pictures I found…

. She says, “We have a very small back yard– about 500 square feet–and when we moved in many years ago, our it was a mere patch of grass (known in these parts as “The Builder’s Special”). The impetus for the garden was my hubby’s request to have more privacy.

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Now is the perfect time for adding mulch to your garden.

Mulch is great for the garden. Use this guide to help you find the best type for your landscape.

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Fall is the perfect time to start a compost pile.

Fall doesn’t seem like the best time to start a gardening project, but October is the perfect month to begin composting. Simply pile up all those leaves you’ve raked with yard clippings and select food waste, and microbes will naturally break down the organic matter to create a nutrient-rich soil additive.

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Hands-On Meeting. Look at what we made!

Look at the beautiful mosaic items that we made at the September Hands-On meeting!

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