How to Compost your leaves.

October 23, 2012 at 10:36 AM Leave a comment

Leaf mulching saves time, energy, money

Your leaves are gold! Don’t throw them away. They contain nutrients that, when returned to the soil, improve pH, build organic matter, and literally feed your plants.  Here’s how you can turn that gold into green:

 Mow high without raking first to mulch leaf matter right into the lawn. Doing this frequently throughout the fall will save you a lot of time behind the rake. If you have a lawn service, make sure they are equipped with mulching mowers to do this for you.

 If raking or blowing is necessary, collect the leaves into a pile and run the mower over them. Then spread these leaves on top of garden beds to nourish the soil and provide a light winter mulch.

 Store excess leaves in a winter compost bin, where they will decompose slowly and provide a soil amendment for future use. To speed the rate of decomposition, shred the leaves first with the mower, as described above, and mix with garden debris that is free of weeds, a small amount of bagged compost, and even small twigs. Cover with black plastic at the end of fall clean-up season, and viola! Your recipe is done.

 If you have plants to protect, use chicken wire or cardboard to make a protective ring and fill this with shredded leaves to provide winter protection.

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