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Top Ten Berry Producung Trees for Birds.

Grow your own feathered friend feeder for winter treats sure to please the hungriest backyard birds.

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Englewood To Become Urban Farming Showcase?

There are over 11,000 vacant lots In the 13 square miles of the South Side included in the project. The plan is not to turn them all into gardens, but to use the new farms, the park area and the commerce they will create to begin to rebuild the neighborhood from the ground up.

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Ornaments in the Garden

Just as you might embellish your clothing or a room in your home, gardens also benefit from a well-placed bit of sparkle. But besides looking pretty and adding a little interest to a space, can ornaments in the garden be functional as well?

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The beauty of ALLIUMS

There is nothing more magical than the sight of colossal Allium emerging from the earth, puffing themselves up into big planetoid spheres that hover over lower-growing perennials in the garden.

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