Ornaments in the Garden

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Garden Sculpture

Just as you might embellish your clothing or a room in your home, gardens also benefit from a well-placed bit of sparkle.  But besides looking pretty and adding a little interest to a space, can ornaments in the garden be functional as well?


We work so hard to personalize our homes with photos, art work, colors and styles.  Gardens can also speak volumes about an owner’s personality and style.  A variety of ornaments, such as urns, birdbaths, sculptures, fountains, art work, trellises, benches, arbors, columns or topiary, can help set a specific tone and give the garden an identity.  A colorful piece of artwork or a well-placed humorous object can create a feeling of whimsy, cheerfulness and lightheartedness.  Finding a hidden object around a corner or peeking out from under a leaf can feel like a game and also create a fun, relaxed and informal atmosphere.  On the contrary, a symmetrical garden with a centered sculpture or urn will project a feeling of formality and stateliness, which will have a more serious tone.


Ornaments can be useful to lead a visitor through a space.  Our vision and motion can be controlled by the placement of ornamental objects.  We may speed up, slow down or even stop.  Smaller or more ornate ornaments that need to be observed up close will slow down a visitor and potentially even stop them in order for them to enjoy and contemplate the details.  Other brighter or larger ornaments can be seen from a distance and may lure the eye and visitor from one spot to another.  Ornaments can also be useful to detract from a less attractive feature in the garden.  If you place a colorful object at the end of a path, the eye will be drawn to that object and not to any other unsightly spaces surrounding it.


Well placed ornaments are useful in defining a space.  They can create an entrance into a separate area of the garden.  Pairs of almost anything, columns with urns on top of them, warn visitors that they are about to move out of one area and enter another.


In order for a garden to be successfully enhanced with ornamental objects, the objects themselves should strongly link through theme, style or color.  If there are too many different little pieces everywhere, the tone of the space quickly changes to disorganization and confusion.  Also remember that the static ornaments will be visible for twelve months of the year.  A carefully placed object hidden by foliage or flowers in the spring and summer will be in full view in the bare months of fall and



The success of ornamentation in the garden is to find the perfect marriage between the natural environment and the contrived.  There is no limit to the creative use of ornaments.  A well-placed object can add a new dimension and help define an ordinary space.



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