Ways to beat the “Winter Blues”

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Readers Respond: Ways to Beat the Winter Blues?

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If you live where it gets cold in winter and love outdoor plants, winter can be depressing. If you’ve overcome that depression, then you’ve found ways to beat the winter blues that you can share with the rest of us. At the very least, we must find outlets for the energy that, in summer, we’d be expending on the plants in our yards (be it caring for them or just plain admiring them). The possible outlets are many, ranging from activities directly related to plants (e.g., reading landscaping books) to activities that take our minds off plants altogether (e.g., skiing or working out at the gym). Either way, let us know your approach to beating the winter blues. Or if you live in a warm climate, by all means say so and rub it in! Share Your Approach
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Chicago Center for Green Technology announces their winter schedule Please beware that some pesticides are toxic to our beloved polinators.

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