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Time to Think About the Birds and the Bees: Habitat Garden Seed Mixes

When we talk about gardens, what we usually talk about is plants. But it’s the bees, birds and butterflies that bring our gardens to life. Without birds, there’d be no music. Without hummingbirds and butterflies, there’d be no flying rainbows. And without bees, life would be less sweet with little good to eat.

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The Greening Of Chicago And The City’s Future As An Eco-Friendly Leader

In the 20th century, the Windy City’s reputation was largely as an industrial capital. Thanks to massive municipal greening efforts like investments in miles of bike lanes and urban farms, 21st century Chicago has gained ground on green leaders like Portland and San Francisco.

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The History of theCherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC

The pink cherry blossoms that explode into bloom every spring in Washington, D.C., are famous around the country, flowering due to a courtesy gift from Japan more than a century ago. But one of the first attempts to send the flowers over to the capital didn’t go so well.

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