Get your soil tested at a discount!

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The Wicker Park Garden Club is working with Erik S. Grossnickle, Commercial Arborist of Bartlett Tree Experts to help home owners test their soil. This is a fund raiser to help us continue our work in the 10,000 sq. ft. of gardens that are designed, funded, and maintained by the Wicker Park Garden Club in Wicker Park `1425 N. Damen.

WHY TEST? Urban soil in particular is often lacking in the nutrients and organic matter that plants need to thrive. Soil testing identifies those problems, and tells you exactly what fertilizers and soil amendments are needed in your particular garden. The result is more vigorous growth and bloom, plus plants that stand up better to the extremes of Chicago summers and winters.

  • COST:   Offering Soil Sampling for their homes at $15/sample – all funds go to the Wicker Park Gardens
  • SAVINGS: Soil Analysis typically costs over $100 for this amount of detail
  • TESTING INCLUDES:    Both macro and micronutrient levels, PH, % Organic Matter, and Nutrient Retention Capacity
  • PICK UP A BAG(s), SOIL SAMPLING DIRECTIONS, & SOIL SUBMISSION FORM:   SPECIAL Bags for your soil samples and support materials can be picked up at Wicker Park Plant Sale at 1425 N. Damen on Saturday May 10 & Sunday May 11 at 10am – 4pm. Other pick up times can be arranged.
  • HOW TO TAKE A SAMPLE:   Click Here
  • DROP OFF SAMPLE BAGS:   Bags can be dropped off at 859 N. Marshfield at the doorway on the left side of the building or brought to Wicker Park on Saturdays from 10am -1pm (Let Us Know if you are Coming)
  • TIME TABLE:   Results will be available in about 2 weeks from drop off date.

Samples can be tested for a specific plant. We can test the soil for a specific plant that you plan to plant – like hydrangeas or natives. Bartlett can also test for groups like annuals, grasses etc and for specific problems you may have in your garden or lawn. For instance, if you have yellow patches in the lawn, we can test for nematodes.

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