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Cool bat information here.

People are scared of bats because there’s something flying over their head and they’re out at night, but it’s not something they should be worried about,” said Patrick Wolff, part of a group of Urban Wildlife Institute researchers monitoring bats’ whereabouts in the city and its outskirts.

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Here are his 9 factors to consider when planting.

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‘World’s Largest Rooftop Farm’ to Pullman Soap Factory

The dual-use factory project is the latest part of a slow-but-steady interest in the Pullman Park site near 111th and the Bishop Ford Freeway, which is anchored by WalMart.

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30 Trees Planted in Logan Square as First of its Kind Tree Study Kicks Off

“Logan Square’s trees are facing a serious crisis, in two words: invasive species,” Larsen said. “A key to developing a diverse urban forest is an inventory.”

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