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Blue Jays- “Nature’s Noisemakers”.

One of the most noticeable characteristics of this bright member of the crow family is the noise it makes. And blue jays have quite a repertoire of calls. In addition to the alarm call (the jay, jay, jay that many of us recognize)…

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Lawn & Landscape

More than 20 new plants were introduced this year. Check them out here.

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Morton Arboretum- a treasure in any season!

Last week, when the ground was still blanketed in snow, a friend of mine and I went to Morton Arboretum for a winter visit. It was a cold, sunny day. We were pleasantly surprised …

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How To Make Evergreen Sachets from the Garden

If you are always looking for ways to bring your garden inside, but you are short of time around the holidays, try making evergreen sachets

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“A Gardener’s Christmas Lament”

“Twas the thought of the Season and all it entails…
Will I ever be ready? Just look at my nails…

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DIY Heated Bird Bath

Even in the winter, backyard birds need water. You can supply it with this easy-to-make heated water hole.

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Have you ever wondered where vanilla comes from?

Every home cook (even those who fear baking) has a little brown bottle in their spice cabinet labeled “Vanilla Extract.” But how many of us have really paid attention to it? What is in the bottle? Who makes it? Where does it come from? If you are lucky, or you happen to be a vanilla connoisseur, it is likely that your vanilla comes from right here in Chicagoland.

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Build Your Own Flowerboxes *DIY*

Flower boxes are an easy way to brighten windows, decks, patios and porches. Build your own…after being inspired by these readers’ clever creations.

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Japanese Maples offer great fall color in the garden.

Japanese maples are beautiful, four-season plants that brighten shade gardens throughout the world, especially in Britain and Japan. Though they can be challenging to grow in northeastern Illinois…

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How to make a spherical water feature.

Nothing soothes the senses in the garden quite like the sound of flowing water. You don’t have to buy an expensive fountain to savor its relaxing melody. You can create your own natural-looking water feature using inexpensive materials.

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