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Turning Trees into Art

The Chicago Park District teamed with a local sculptor’s group to turn trees that were condemned into public art.

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Ornaments in the Garden

Just as you might embellish your clothing or a room in your home, gardens also benefit from a well-placed bit of sparkle. But besides looking pretty and adding a little interest to a space, can ornaments in the garden be functional as well?

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Lurie Garden, Part 2

“… I can’t resist sharing two of the most successful pieces of public art (in my honest opinion) I’ve ever experienced. Though I can’t say that the mirrored bean was very flattering to my figure…”

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Watering cans as garden ornaments – Fine Gardening

  Wondering what to do with thrift store watering cans? 

Watering cans as garden ornaments – Fine Gardening.

Here are two charming ways to display collections of vintage watering cans. The first is from Sabrina and Freeland Tanner’s garden in Napa, California. The second was taken in a garden in central Virginia.

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How to make a spherical water feature.

Nothing soothes the senses in the garden quite like the sound of flowing water. You don’t have to buy an expensive fountain to savor its relaxing melody. You can create your own natural-looking water feature using inexpensive materials.

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WOW! Pictures of cast cement leaf fountains to inspire you!

There is a man in eastern Wisconsin who makes metal stands that are used to make cast cement leaves into fountains . Here are some pictures of the leaves and the frames.

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Craft Idea. “How-to” video of casting a leaf in concrete.

How-to video on casting a leaf in concrete.

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WOW! Pictures of garden topiaries from the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

Be sure and check out pictures of garden topiaries. Thanks Nancy Rimkus for sending these to me to post.

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10 Magnificent Urban Gardens

Check out clever ways cities have showcased their green thumbs

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Tree Shapers

The art of tree shaping …

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