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Reminder: “Midsummer’s Night Garden Stroll” tonight 6/18


Tonight is “Midsummer Night Garden Stroll”

7:00 – 9:00

Sharon Graham’s Garden: 3926 N. Keeler

Maureen Taylor’s Garden:  3933 N. Tripp

party lights2

See you tonight!


*Bring your own wine glass if you like

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Sunrise Garden Center this Saturday 5/2

Field trip to Sunrise garden Center this Saturday 5/2

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Reminder Garden Club Meeting Saturday 4/18

Rain Gardens this Saturday 4-18!

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2015 Garden Club Meeting schedule is now available!

2015 Garden Club Meeting schedule is now available!

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Reminder: Garden Club Meeting this Saturday at noon.

We’re having as pot luck luncheon, slideshow and officers’ elections.

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A BIG THANK YOU to our wonderful volunteers.

Thank you!  Thank YOU.   THANK YOU!

We had a fun time working the bake sale at the Old Irving Park  Historical Society’s House Walk yesterday.  The weather was picture perfect.  The donated baked goods were just beautiful and the other home-made items (pesto & pasta, jams, spiced tea mix, sandwiches) were beautifully presented and sold like hot cakes!  Thanks to all of you who shopped, paid for, prepared and delivered these wonderful items.  I am very thrilled to announce that including the sale of mums and asters, we made about $567.00!

Of course this very successful  fund-raiser would not have been possible without the assistance of all of our volunteers.  I’d like to thank Carol Szalacha for taking over the task of organizing the bake sale and organizing the volunteers who manned the sales table in 2 hour shifts.  I’d also like to thank all of you who volunteered to sit at the table and sell our baked goods.  Thanks to Karen Wehrle, Sue Geisler, Trudy Moore, Susan and Mike Carter, Sharon Nichols, Nancy Vander Hye, Mary Lou Agronomoff, Linda Flentye, June Fredlund, Linda Larsen, Laird Larsen for setting up the tables and Mike Basile for breaking down the tables at the end of the day.  Thanks to all of our members who baked and packaged the delicious baked goods that we sold on Saturday.  Everything looked yummy!

Our neighborhood looked just beautiful. Neighbors mowed their lawns, pulled weeds and spiffed up their properties to get them looking their best for the event.  We received a day of service from Green Corps Chicago workers who trimmed, weeded and mulched our three community gardens from Tripp and Byron to Tripp and Irving Pk.  Anna Sobor recruited her teenage daughter and three friends who cleaned up our Tripp garden.  They did a fabulous job and we thank them!  My daughter Lauren Taylor, Susan and Mike Carter trimmed the weeds that were growing at the base of the new mural on the east side of Keeler at Irving Pk. Rd.  They filled two big garbage bags full of weeds.   Thanks guys!

Thanks to everyone and in case I missed your name, please forgive me.  Just let me know and I will add your name to the list!

Maureen Taylor, President Irving Park Garden Club

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Great news! We got help to clean our Community Gardens.

we have 2 days of workers still coming to us. Since we are not planning on installing any more gardens (I’m just too busy to organize it) we can use the workers any way we choose.

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Hands-On Meeting. Look at what we made!

Look at the beautiful mosaic items that we made at the September Hands-On meeting!

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Plant Exchange was a big success!

Thanks to everyone who helped with the garden cleanup and mulching! Here are a few pictures from yesterday.

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The Bake Sale yesterday was a big success!

We got off to a wet and rainy start but the people kept coming and buying our wonderful baked goods.

It was a wet and dreary day to start…

…but Garden Club members Mary Jo Pesut and Trudy Moore put on a smile and sold sold sold!

We sold yummy treats…

…and we sold all of the beautiful asters and mums.

Take a bow Kate Roche. Job well done!

Thanks to all of you who volunteered and donated either time or baked goods or BOTH!
We couldn’t have done it without you!


Thanks to all of you who volunteered and donated either time or baked goods or BOTH!
We couldn’t have done it without you!

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