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‘World’s Largest Rooftop Farm’ to Pullman Soap Factory

The dual-use factory project is the latest part of a slow-but-steady interest in the Pullman Park site near 111th and the Bishop Ford Freeway, which is anchored by WalMart.

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30 Trees Planted in Logan Square as First of its Kind Tree Study Kicks Off

“Logan Square’s trees are facing a serious crisis, in two words: invasive species,” Larsen said. “A key to developing a diverse urban forest is an inventory.”

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Get your soil tested at a discount!


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Recycle your plastic containers

Do you have big plastic plant containers you’ve been meaning to recycle? Garden Club member Susie Smith would be happy to take them off your hands and not just recycle them, but reuse them.

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Mushroom gardening in Chicago

Can we bring mushroom cultivation into the heart of Chicago?

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New Program Aims to Turn City Teens into Urban Farmers

City kids often have limited access to fresh produce, but After School Matters and the Chicago Botanic Garden are teaming up to turn those same kids into urban farmers.

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Indian Boundary Park: ‘Magical’ Garden to Attract Migrating Birds

The new nature area replacing Indian Boundary Park’s former zoo pens should attract a variety of migratory birds, such as the yellow-breasted Magnolia Warbler,

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Five Ways to Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Urban Garden in 2014

If you’re lucky enough to have a large garden space, perhaps even a shared area in an apartment building, deciding what to do with it can be daunting. We’d recommend breaking it up, using different textures and colors to separate various areas. If you have a wood deck, consider wrought iron or other metal furniture to create contrast.

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Horner Park Riverbank Restoration Project Finally Given OK to Move Forward

The riverbank restoration project that launched a “border war” between neighbors to the east and west of Horner Park finally has been given the green light by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

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Goats at O’Hare: Four-Legged Weed Wackers Set to Return in the Spring

Thirty-seven llamas, goats, burros and even a couple of camels successfully reduced unwanted vegetation around O’Hare in the rocky and steep areas that are difficult for two-legged crews to maintain, including the long, narrow and hilly banks of the Willow-Higgins Creek, city officials said last week, declaring the pilot program a success.

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