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Some good ideas for cat lovers, if you have the $$!

After a home remodel in the 1990s, Cohen began constructing catwalks and tunnels for his feline companions. The intricate and artistic platforms and walkways allow the cats to climb, jump and crawl through the house, and they even connect to various litter boxes — 24 of them — which are concealed in closets with fans and the garage. “The house is designed not to smell, and it doesn’t,” he says.

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White Sox ‘Sodfather’ Roger Bossard Prepares for Spring Training

A professional designer and builder of baseball fields — he consults with 12 Major League Baseball clubs and two pro soccer teams — Bossard takes the business seriously, because it’s not only his life’s work, it’s the family business.

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Indian Boundary Park: ‘Magical’ Garden to Attract Migrating Birds

The new nature area replacing Indian Boundary Park’s former zoo pens should attract a variety of migratory birds, such as the yellow-breasted Magnolia Warbler,

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Make an adorable bird ornament out of an almond!

his adorable bird ornaments — cleverly disguised almonds with felt caps — add a natural touch to your Christmas tree

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Gene Yale, Chicago-Area Apple Grower With 178 Varieties In His Yard, Doesn’t Like To Eat Apples

Yale’s love of apple growing has made him something of a Midwestern orchardist celebrity. He’s been growing dwarf apple trees in his 2,400-square-foot backyard for more than 40 years, according to a Medill Reports profile from 2009.

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Lincoln Park Zoo’s Naure Boardwalk is three years old!

It’s been about three years since the boardwalk opened, and finally, the 14-acre prairie has grown into its shoes.

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Gnomes Crash Distinguished Garden Show In England

Gnomes marched their way into one of England’s most prestigious gardening events this year. The 100th annual , which ends Saturday, to the flower-friendly creatures for the first time.

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Squirrel, James Squirrel…

Funny squirrel video

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Our Fairy Garden: A Tour

Check out this adorable Fairy garden!

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Buzz Surrounding Urban Beekeeping Gets Louder

The time to jump on the urban beekeeping bandwagon is now.

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