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Container Class at Kilbourn Park 4/25 10:00 AM $10.00

Celebrate by Coming to a Class at Kilbourn Park on Container Gardening on Saturday, April 25th from 10-noon.

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Enjoy April at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Change is in the air at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

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The Jackson Park Natural Areas Project: An Ecological Restoration Designed in the Olmsted Style 4/9 North Park Nature Center

Join Lauren Umek, Project Manager for the Chicago Park District, as she discusses how a team of ecologists, landscape architects, engineers, planners and historians worked together to restore Jackson Park.

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Peterson Garden Project

The sign-up period for one of the four-foot by eight-foot plots runs through Feb. 27. Cost is $75.

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Cool bat information here.

People are scared of bats because there’s something flying over their head and they’re out at night, but it’s not something they should be worried about,” said Patrick Wolff, part of a group of Urban Wildlife Institute researchers monitoring bats’ whereabouts in the city and its outskirts.

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Gardener Wants More Garbage For Compost, But Red Tape is Trashing His Plan

Neighborhood gardeners are having trouble getting their hands on high-quality garbage.

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Lincoln Park Zoo’s Naure Boardwalk is three years old!

It’s been about three years since the boardwalk opened, and finally, the 14-acre prairie has grown into its shoes.

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The goats (sheep, llamas and burros too) have arrived at O’Hare!

Among them, however, are no humans.

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Mayor Launches New Agriculture Plan To Transform Vacant Lots

Under a recently-announced new agriculture plan, vacant lots on Chicago’s South Side could be transformed into thriving — and profitable — urban farms in just three years.

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There Are 264,000 Square Meters Of Garden In Chicago

How much of Chicago’s open space is actually being used to produce food? Thanks to the wonder that is Google Earth (and a lot of time invested by some University of Illinois researchers) we now know how much.

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