2011 Garden Walk Pictures

Our annual Members Only Garden Walk took place on Saturday July 16th.  The weather held out for us.  Not too hot or too sunny.  We had 8 garden open to us.  They were all spectacular!


Jack and Irene Flaherty's yard.


Very nice!

Just beautiful!

Hey Laura, thanks for letting us view your garden!

Very pretty!


Nancy's lovely yard.

Relaxing on the deck.

What a beautiful arrangement!

"Hey Mr. Roche, can you help me with my roses?"

"A rose by any other name..."

A beautiful rose border!

Maureen's yard looks inviting!

What a pretty green container!

A pretty parkway.

Sit a spell won’t you?

We have some very talented designers!

It was a beautiful day.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful yard with us!

What a beautiful custom built trellis.


Thanks to all of you who opened up your gardens to us and thanks to you Garden Club members who  came out that day and helped make it a memorable day for all!

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