2010 Garden Walk Pictures

We had a lovely garden walk this year.  The gardens were outstanding.  Here are a few pictures from the walk.

We have the best looking members!

Who are very sharp dressers! Nice hat Pam!

And the most creative members!

Just beautiful!

A "Bulb" Garden Bed. Get it?

A very colorful garden path.

We love *kitschy* garden accessories!

More kitsch.

"Need a hand with the gardening?"

We love relaxing in our beautiful gardens.

We plant and take care of our public spaces.

Community Garden at Tripp and Byron.

Community Garden at 3940 N. Tripp Ave.

Community Garden at 3940 N. Tripp Ave.

Community Garden at 3940 N. Tripp Ave.

Keeler Community Garden

A Roy Diblik designed parkway garden in The Villa.


We use rain barrels...

and we compost our yard waste.

We grow pretty things to look at...and yummy things to eat!


We're proud of our front yards.

Simply stunning!


We lovingly maintain our back yards.

We love our flowers.

...and our shrubs.

We love gardening so much…

...we even garden in our gangways!

"The Garden Nerd"

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