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Squirrel, James Squirrel…

Funny squirrel video

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“Hot Doug’s: The Book”

Countless Chicagoans have spent lunchtime at Doug Sohn’s iconic restaurant, Hot Doug’s.

But almost no one knows Sohn skips that meal every day he works.

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So You Want to Start a Community Garden…

Have you been staring at an empty lot in your neighborhood and fantasizing about making it a beautiful growing space? Inspired to use food gardening for social change?

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Basics of Vermicomposting – that’s worms y’all

Curious about how to compost your kitchen scraps into garden gold? This hands-on workshop will have you building your worm bin and populating it with your new best friends – red wigglers!

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Please beware that some pesticides are toxic to our beloved polinators.

Below is a summary of the chemical and brand names of the commonly used neonicotinoids. Tbee_pollen_FULLhese are toxic to our honey bees. We are asking growers who are using these materials and who are dependent on honey bees for pollination, not to use these products currently until more research is done .

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Ways to beat the “Winter Blues”

If you live where it gets cold in winter and love outdoor plants, winter can be depressing. If you’ve overcome that depression, then you’ve found ways to beat the winter blues that you can share with the rest of us.

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Chicago Center for Green Technology announces their winter schedule

Education Partner Seminars – Our associate organizations within the Chicagoland area also offer a variety of sustainability-related classes and events that count toward your GTU Certificate! Click here to download a listing of other seminars happening this semester.

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Our Fairy Garden: A Tour

Check out this adorable Fairy garden!

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Buzz Surrounding Urban Beekeeping Gets Louder

The time to jump on the urban beekeeping bandwagon is now.

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Don’t Waste That Christmas Tree: Turn It Into Spruce Beer

You can keep the Christmas smell going all year long. Or, at least until you finish your spruce beer.

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