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Moving Houseplants Outdoors: Tips

Source: The Workbasket (June, 1954)
Shared by Mary Jo Pesut

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Ah, spring, when gardening. Barbara Brotman, Chicago Tribune

“Choose something small to start with and focus on that,” he said. “If you do too much, you lose everything. You get overwhelmed. … Don’t make a big, grand plan. Choose a few things you know you will probably do well, and make a small plan.”

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Some Herb Facts and a couple of recipes

Herbs with a Message

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The Hidden Dangers of Cocoa Mulch

As spring approaches, you head to the local home and garden store for mulch to freshen up your flower beds. Next to the bags of traditional shredded mulch are bags of a newer type–cocoa mulch.

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Direct-sow Sunflowers are so easy to grow~almost magic

Sunflowers make everyone smile~including the birds and the bees.

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Organic Lawn Care Basics

Ever wonder how to figure out how much fertilizer or compost your lawn needs?
fertilizer calculator and compost calculator links here

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North Park Village Nature Center. A real treasure!

North Park Village – A treasure in the city!

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Banana peel for better tomatoes?

Get better tasting tomatoes this season.

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How can I improve my soil?

You can’t change the weather, but you can change your soil.

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Kitty Steals Gardening Gloves!

Kitty is a kleptomaniac!

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