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Robin’s eggs in a nest. Watch them hatch!

Watch as the babies hatch and grow. Definitely worth watching!

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Plant Exchange was a big success!

Thanks to everyone who helped with the garden cleanup and mulching! Here are a few pictures from yesterday.

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Covering An Arbor With Roses – Fine Gardening

Covering An Arbor With Roses – Fine Gardening.

Very simple idea here for a rose covered arbor.

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A Raised Bed in 20 Seconds or Less?

The video pretty much says it all. No hardware, just slots and pegs. The wood is untreated cedar. They are stackable, and while you could screw in some brackets to hold the stacks together, I’m not sure it’s necessary–probably the mass of the soil and plant roots, combined with …

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Interesting facts on hummingbirds.

Hummers need nectar to power the bug eating machine that they are.” Think of them as miniature flycatchers…

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Climbing Hydrangea – what’s not to like?

A vine that has beautiful flowers. What’s not to like?

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Right here in Old Irving Park – Gardening Unlimited Retail Store.

GRAND OPENING! Thursday May 19th Noon – 5pm
Free BBQ in parking lot.

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Ever wonder how much topsoil or mulch you need?

Handy online mulch calculator.

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Make your own BIRD MOBILE!

“When Joel came up with the idea for this bird mobile, I knew it was spot on. Filming him in his Portland home, I realized I was in the presence of one master of fun.”

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Great news! Jewel will recycle your plastic containers!

Jewel is now accepting the black plastic containers. Other garden centers are doing this as well. Save your containers and recycle them!

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